Online English and Writing Degree Overview

Strong writers are needed in every industry. Become a versatile professional who can write effectively, think critically, and be an adept reader. The online Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology offered by the University of Colorado Denver is a flexible program designed to help you build in-demand skills and explore how your passion for literature and writing can translate into a lifelong career path.

From technical writing to developing creative brand messaging, English majors can find all kinds of jobs and projects suited to their skills and interests. Discover how broadly applicable your degree can be as you examine various career prospects, sharpen your grammar, develop your voice and style, and learn from published professors with real-world experience. This generalized degree program gives you the opportunity to try courses in technical writing, magazine writing, multimedia content creation, business writing and more.

Program at a Glance

Degree Program:

Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology

Offered By:

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Cost Per Credit:


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Credit Hours:


Online BA English Program Details

The online BA in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology is offered fully online with asynchronous courses, meaning there are no set sign-in times and you can complete your coursework at the time and place that works best for you. Your courses will be taught by the same faculty who teach the on-campus program at CU Denver, which means you receive the same high quality education with the flexibility of the online format.

Build a foundation in professional and academic writing with the opportunity to customize your degree using elective courses in journalism, communication, creative writing, and digital production. Our faculty will help you create an education experience that supports your career goals. Along the way, you’ll build critical thinking skills, learn to write persuasively, and practice reading with attention to detail and context.

Every industry benefits from good writers, whether they’re creating technical descriptions or scripting speeches for top executives. Turn your love of literature and storytelling into a degree that will power your career aspirations online at the University of Colorado Denver.

Program Features

  • Fully online – no on-campus requirements
  • Build skills you can take to any industry, any sector, any job
  • Customize your program by choosing elective courses that focus your education
  • Build a portfolio of work that you can take to potential employers
Morgan C.

CU Denver’s online program format fits into my daily routine as it is essentially always accessible for me. No matter my ever-changing schedule, I know my classes will always be there when I am ready. Especially as a more nontraditional student who runs a business, not being tied down to an explicit schedule and not having to worry about the extra time that is involved with attending physical courses allows me to maximize my efficiency.

Morgan C. | BA English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology Alumnus

Curriculum Overview

In the online BA in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology, you will have flexibility and choices in your core courses and electives. 15 credit hours in core courses will focus on writing and rhetoric, multimedia, language study, and eventually advanced writing. Your elective courses will help you gain experience in specific genres of writing, build specialized skills, and apply your knowledge in different professional contexts.

This program will teach you to:

  • Write persuasively across genres and styles
  • Understand your audiences and deliver your ideas to reach them
  • Read with attention to detail to become a better writer
  • Interpret and assess literary, rhetorical, and cinematic works
  • Recognize historical, political and cultural contexts around specific texts
  • Appreciate major genres, authors, movements, approaches and more

Choose 21 credit hours of electives:

  • ENGL 2060: Intro to Writing and Digital Studies
  • ENGL 2070: Grammar, Rhetoric and Style
  • ENGL 3084: Multimedia Composition
  • ENGL 3154: Technical Writing
  • ENGL 3160: Language Theory
  • ENGL 3170: Business Writing
  • ENGL 3405: Topics in Writing
  • ENGL 3415: Screenwriting Workshop
  • ENGL 3416: Magazine Writing
  • ENGL 3939: Internship
  • ENGL 4175: Writing in the Sciences
  • ENGL 4180: Argumentation and Logic
  • ENGL 4190: Advanced Topics in Writing and Digital Studies
  • ENGL 4280: Proposal and Grant Writing
  • ENGL 4601: Principles & Practices of Second Language Acquisition (by permission)
  • ENGL 4651: Second Language Writing (by permission)
  • ENGL 4701: Multimedia in the Community
  • ENGL 4740: Honors in Writing
  • ENGL 4995: Senior Writing Project

Sample Courses

Introduces students to the topics of study in the English Writing major. Topics include writing studies (literacy, genre, research, and multimodality), rhetoric (history and theory), and the teaching of writing (pedagogy and practice).

An intensive, practical course in writing non-fiction with an emphasis on journalistic approaches for daily, weekly, and monthly publications.

Provides a basic introduction to linguistics and language theory, including phonetics, grammar, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, cognitive processing, and language acquisition. Includes practical applications of the theories and methodologies presented.

English Degree Career Data

The skills you'll acquire in this program are applicable for several professional contexts. If you want to continue your education, you can also pursue a graduate degree or certificate that can equip you to teach or prepare for an advanced or specialized role. Many students continue their education in the arts while others expand their skills in another area of study, such as business. It may also benefit you to pursue an internship opportunity and/or utilize the career resources available from CU Denver to help you start or change your career.

What can you do with a degree in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology? Below are just a few career paths that require the skills and knowledge taught in this program.


Journalist / Reporter

Technical Writer

Author / Writer

Interpreter / Translator**

Marketing Specialist

Bureau of Labor Statistics, median salary in the U.S. in 2021
**Requires fluency in a second language

Tuition and Fees

At CU Denver, we strive to keep our tuition costs affordable so that you can get a world-class education that fits your budget. When you earn a degree, you’re not simply getting a diploma — you’re making a lifelong investment in yourself and empowering your future career. We know that affordability is an important factor, and that’s why we’re here to help you explore all of the options available to fund your education.  

Our Enrollment TeamOur Enrollment Team can answer any of your questions about tuition and financial aid, help you take care of the paperwork, and make sure you’re able to focus on reaching your goals. From financial aid and scholarships to tuition assistance programs, we’ll work with you to find the best way to finance your degree. 

Scholarships may be available for those who qualify.


Are you a strong candidate for admission to CU Denver's online BA in Sociology degree program? Here are some of the general criteria:

CU Denver programs like the online BA in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology are test-optional and do not require test scores for admission consideration. It is up to the applicant if they want their test score to be considered in the admission process. Choosing not to submit your test scores will not hurt your chances of acceptance in any way. If you do choose to submit test scores, they will only be taken into account if they help your decision.

Start the process of becoming a University of Colorado student by filling out the form on this page today. After submitting your form, the enrollment team will contact you to help you take the next steps.


The BA in English Writing, Rhetoric and Technology program can be completed at the same pace as any traditional undergraduate degree or at your own pace. By taking a full course load (at least 12 credit hours per semester) you can expect to graduate in four years. You can also take summer courses when they are available and have your transfer credit evaluated to potentially shorten the time to graduation.

After graduation, you’ll be able to immediately go to work as a professional writer or apply to graduate programs for further academic study.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

English degrees are flexible and widely applicable in the workforce. English majors learn skills that help them communicate clearly, think critically about what they read and hear, and recognize context, whether it’s historical, cultural, or political. They also get to enjoy studying at the intersection of art and practical learning, graduating both with an appreciation for literature and the skills employers need today. Graduates can use their degree in a variety of contexts, from pursuing advanced education like law school or a Master of Fine Arts to jobs in publishing, marketing, or education.

After you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, you can leverage your knowledge and skills to build upon your existing career, or you can pursue a career change. Some jobs may require advanced education in a master’s or doctoral program. The University of Colorado offers several options for continuing your education, both online and in person.

Online learning will offer you the flexibility to study at the place and time that works best for you. You can choose a pace that is sustainable for your lifestyle, which can help you take into account your current career, family, and commitments outside of school. 

Additionally, at the University of Colorado, our online programs are taught by the same faculty who teach on campus, which means you’re earning the same high quality degree as traditional students at CU, and your diploma will not mention that your degree was earned online.

Starting with a degree can help you build foundational skills and connections to start your career as a professional writer. An internship can also give you real-world experience and enhance your résumé. Here are a few steps you can take in addition to your education to help you jump start your career.

  • Create a portfolio of writing that’s relevant to your preferred industry or organization.
  • Tailor your portfolio and résumé to the position when pursuing a new job opportunity.
  • Start small with freelance jobs if possible.
  • Make a routine of practicing your writing skills.
  • Find a community of other writers or a mentor who can help you sharpen and refine your skills.
  • Keep learning, whether it’s formal education or short-term learning like writing workshops.