Strong writers are needed in every workplace, which is why English Writing majors are in such high demand. Clear, effective written communication can inform, educate, persuade, instruct and sell. No matter which industry you plan to pursue, you can be assured that you can, as a writer, find a place to thrive.

CU Denver offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology which can be completed in four years of full-time study. Whether you are starting your undergraduate degree or finishing one that you started at another institution, this is a program designed to introduce you to the broad scope and diverse applications of professional writing. Our courses provide a rigorous application of writing research and theory, which provides a foundation for countless career opportunities.

This generalized writing degree includes courses in professional writing, linguistics, multimedia composition, magazine writing, digital publication, creative writing, and academic writing. 

Program at a Glance

Degree Program:

Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology

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University of Colorado Denver


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Program Details

The online BA in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology provides a thorough exploration of several areas of professional and academic writing as well as opportunities to specialize in one area through the use of electives in journalism, communication, creative writing, and digital production.

Students come to our program with many different career goals, and we work with you to identify how your strengths as a writer can be transferred into your desired career. You can enroll in our courses full time or part-time, regardless of where you live. Transferring credits from other accredited institutions is intentionally straightforward, as many of our students started their degrees elsewhere and finish their undergraduate degree with us. 

When you take our online courses, you are taking classes with the same academic rigor and excellent instruction as any of the students on campus. In fact, you will often be in class with CU Denver students who have opted for a hybrid (part online and part on-campus) degree. That means that a BA in English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology using CU Denver’s digital classroom has the same value as our on-campus degree, but offers much more flexibility!

Morgan C.

CU Denver’s online program format fits into my daily routine as it is essentially always accessible for me. No matter my ever-changing schedule, I know my classes will always be there when I am ready. Especially as a more nontraditional student who runs a business, not being tied down to an explicit schedule and not having to worry about the extra time that is involved with attending physical courses allows me to maximize my efficiency.

– Morgan C. | BA English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology | Alum


The BA in English Writing, Rhetoric and Technology program can be completed at the same pace as any traditional undergraduate degree or at your own pace. Students taking a full course load (at least 12-credit hours per semester) can expect to graduate in four years. For students who want to graduate as quickly as possible, summer courses are also available. Students who transfer credits via the university’s flexible transfer system are able to finish earlier than those who start with zero credits. 

Our faculty and advisors have developed a sample “pathway to graduation,” which lays out recommended coursework in each academic year. 

In order to complete your degree in four years, we have outlined when each class in the degree requirements should be taken below. You should tailor your plan based on previously completed college coursework, course availability and preferences related to course load, schedule and add-on programs such as minors or double-majors.

After graduation, you’ll be able to immediately go to work as a professional writer or apply to graduate programs for further academic study.

Career Outlook

Professional writers play an important role in every single industry. Your skills as a writer include the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively in many different contexts and professional environments. For the past several years, nonprofit organizations and businesses alike have begun to recognize the valuable skills that English majors bring to the workplace. The combination of written communication, critical thinking and research skills makes writing majors an integral part of organizations, governments, businesses and more. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects steady growth for writers, authors and technical writers. As a professional writer, you’ll have the opportunity to work in any field you want to pursue. 

Here are some of the career opportunities that you could expect after graduation along with the average median annual salary: 

  • Professional Writer: $65,000
  • Content Writer: $42,442
  • Web Content Manager: $56,248
  • Technical Writer: $58,040

Tuition and Fees

Investing in your future is a big decision. However, becoming a fully online student at CU Denver is a high-quality and affordable option for learners of all types. Tuition and fees are based largely on the degree program you enroll in.

Tuition is determined based on which CU Denver program is chosen, undergraduate or graduate level, and finally your resident status. Visit our tuition and financial aid page for more information.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify.


Courses at CU Denver are offered three times a year — fall, spring and summer. Not all courses are available every semester. For most programs, courses last 15-weeks, plus one week for finals. This is a big commitment, but we believe the extra time you spend dedicated to your studies pays off!

Example Courses
ENGL 2070 — Grammar, Rhetoric and Style
Teaches the basics of English grammar in order to develop a rhetorical and stylistic confidence in reading and writing, using an approach that is more descriptive than prescriptive. You'll learn how to evaluate the grammatical choices of established writers and how to develop flexibility in the grammatical choices you make in their own writing.
ENGL 3050 — Fiction Workshop
Beginning workshop for defining and developing narrative craft, focusing on writing process and specialized topics.
ENGL 3084 — Multimedia Composition
Offers you opportunities to examine and compose texts where language is integrated with other media, such as video, still images, music, etc. Includes basic instruction in digital multimedia composition and design tools.
ENGL 3170 — Business Writing
Focuses on the strategies and techniques of business writing, with emphasis on reader, message and form.
ENGL 3154 — Technical Writing
Introduces the study and writing of technical documents. Emphasizes the processes, style, structure and forms of technical writing. Attention is paid to audience analysis, organization, clarity and precision.



Admission requirements and deadlines vary based on the program. In addition, you will have different requirements depending on if you are a first-time student, a transfer student or an international student. 

Learn more about the admissions process by filling out the form above or contacting the CU Denver Enrollment Team today.